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Re: Any embarrasing moments involving your children?

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Posted by melinda on June 20, 2003 at 10:21:34:

In Reply to: Any embarrasing moments involving your children? posted by Elizabeth on June 18, 2003 at 20:18:04:

: Has anybody had any embarrassing moments. Maybe your child said or did something that may have caused a little embarrassment I would love to hear about your stories.

: I had 2 embarrassing moments the other day.

: 1. I was scheduled for a very important conference call for work involving the owner, manager, and many other people. It was not something that could be cancelled. It happened to be at the time of my daughters' nap. Other than when they are sick, they have never woke up inbetween their nap. So I was not worried because either way my husband would be home soon just in case. Well, my husband got caught in traffic and, what do you know, after 15 minutes of being asleep, my 3-year-old storms out of her room into my office screaming. "There's a bee in my room" I whispered to her and told her to sit quietly because I was on an important business call. Well she did, but all of a sudden she disappeared and picked up the other phone and said, "Mommy, don't want to interrupt. I have a bee in my room, I'm tired and need finish sleeping, I need you to go kill it" Everyone was on the phone. I felt really bad beacause I had to put everyone on hold for a long time to go take care of the bee problem. Luckily, it was just a fly and it took me awhile but was able to kill it and then went back to sleep.

: 2. Another thing that happened that same day was at the store. A lady told her she was a very pretty girl and she said "thank you, you pretty too, but have a fat body. Your tummy is big and round like the moon and my fat bear named twinkle" I felt so bad for the lady. Like they say, "Kids say the darnest things." They are very innocent and don't think they are hurting anyone's feelings.

: Sorry this is so long.

My oldest Daughter had just started talking and one of her new words was 'duck'.So we were at the library and she seen a book with a duck on the cover and she kept repeating the word 'duck'over and over. BUT b/c she was just learning, the word sounded like she was saying '*uck' everyone in the library was looking in awe. I just kept saying "yes honey, a DUCK" It was funny , but boy oh boy the looks people gave me..LOL!!!

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