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Re: Feeding Schedule for 9 Month Old

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Posted by Cindy Einbinder on August 05, 2003 at 18:25:52:

In Reply to: Re: Feeding Schedule for 9 Month Old posted by Marie W. on June 20, 2003 at 12:44:11:

: : Hi,

: : Right now my son who is 9 mos is getting 3 8 oz bottles a day. I give him one first thing is the morning at about 6:30am then he goes back to bed for two hours. At about 10:30am he takes another full bottle and cereal. At 2:30pm he gets a couple of jars of fruit or I offer him some pieces of banana or some pear of peaches from a fruit cup.
: : At around 5:30pm I give him his supper usually a stage 2 jar of the meat/pasta/veg mix. And right before bed at 7:30 he has another bottle and some cereal.
: : My grandmother says I'm doing it all wrong!! She says he should be having three meals a day with snacks in between and that I should try to hold off till 7am to give him cereal instead of a bottle and then a snack at 10:30, lunch at 12:30 (meat/pasta/veg), then a snack at 3:30, then supper at 5:30 (meat/pasta/veg) and fruit for desert then a bottle and ceral before bed.

: : What is everyone else doing at this age for feeding?? I'm beginning to think she is right but
: : isn't he still young to be on such a rigid schedule?

: I think you are doing fine. Does it really matter which you offer at what time? At around age one or a bit later you may want to get him into a breakfast-lunch-snack-supper kind of routine. Right now my 8 month old baby wakes between 6.30 and 7.30 and I nurse him. Mid morning he takes a 4-6 oz bottle. Sometime between 12 and 2, I give him cereal mixed with veggies. Between 3 and 5 (depending on when his last meal was) I nurse him or give him a bottle. He has supper at 6,7 or 8 (more cereal with veggies &/or fruit). He sleeps at 8 or so and wakes up in the middle of the night to be nursed or a bottle. Sometimes during the day he will go longer between meals, at other times if he is hungry, I give him a piece of Farley biscuit or fruit. His schedule is pretty flexible. I wouldn't worry too much about what your grandma says.

My baby is 8 months old and I am confused if I am doing it correctly as well. Ally wakes at 7:00 and gets a 7 oz. bottle. At 11:00 She eats a 6 oz. and one jar of veggies or fruit. At 3:00 she eats another jar stage 2 of whatever and a bottle and dinner at 6:30 just a bottle.. Everyone says I should do like you do it. I would like to do it how your grandma suggests....

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