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Re: to robin...

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Posted by robin on August 10, 2003 at 16:48:54:

In Reply to: Re: to robin... posted by look at the times!!your wrong!! on August 10, 2003 at 09:19:35:

: : : : : Just because you are vacinated doesnt mean he wont get them. It means that when he does get them the outcome will be less severe. If you have never had them, even tho you are an adult, you should get vacinated too. They are 10 times worse when you get them as an adult. I've seen it first hand in emergency rooms.

: : : : : And I belive if you are prego, you should stay away from people with Chicken Pox, they can cause harm to your develping fetus. Get it checked out, its worth it for your baby

: : : : as i said...if the mom isnt vaccinated she has a pissbility on gettingit...if she isnt che can find out through blood test...easy...her son needs other caregivers for the deratiopn as it can harm the fetus....where did i say different?

: : : Robin, I don't think tina was replying to your message. Sometimes people only read the question first and not the replys and sometimes you get many of the same replys or ones that may sound like their contridicting yours.that used to happen to me when I first found the board and I hated it, I always thought people were plotting against me, LOL!.I always thought "I have two kids and for someone reason noone wants to hear my advice".So I stopped posting, i just come to realize it wasnt a conspiracy against me.lol.but just know that You give good advice,so don't worry about it. ...p.s people only hear what they want to hear.lol.including yours truely.lol.

: : consiprarcy....lol..ok

: : i posted that after she posted what iposted there was no other posts...jesse stop making a mountain out of a mole hill..thanks

this board has been wrong on everything latley incuding times there was no other post there but mine at the time...but whatever u want jesse...seems thats what makes u happy

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