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Re: Fever or no fever, i have never had one while oing and you can get a fever if you are pregnant too..... Did ya know THAT...

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Posted by robin on August 12, 2003 at 01:59:04:

In Reply to: Fever or no fever, i have never had one while oing and you can get a fever if you are pregnant too..... Did ya know THAT... posted by ...... on August 12, 2003 at 00:04:22:

: : : : : Hello, well i'm on my one week wait, i know some ppl are saying this is too early to have sypmtoms but i don't think it is and plus i already asked my doctor and she said its not, sicne it would be my three'd. Anyway's i have had a low grade fever for a few days 99. and 98.8 and i'm not comeing down with anything i'm not sure if this is what ppl call hot flashes or not but there are time when i get warm and thats when i have a temp and other times i feel fine, very tried, alittle sicknees, senitive to the bb's, bad backachs, headachs, peeing alot, and a craving for vinager something i hate very much i wanted it on my fires yuck....

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: : : : Hi Summer,

: : : : Are you 1 week late or going to start in 1 week? Even the day the egg becomes fertilized, a woman can have many symptoms including a slight temperature, nausea, food cravings, and many other symptoms similar to PMS. Some woman will have these symptoms on the day the egg was fertilized and just blame these symptoms on many different things until later they find out they are pregnant. I would do a pregnancy test after 1 or 2 weeks, preferably 2, of being late. A woman who suspects she may be pregnant should always treat herself and take care of herself as though she is until finding out if she is pregnant or not.
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: : : : Thank you for the update. Keep me posted.

: : : So then there is a chance? I'm due for af in one week. I will thanxs for the info, my temps are still low grade fever.

low grade fever from the time anyone o's to the time period or pregnant is always there...that why there is the basil thermameter...ok...read list i looked up for u above..........gees on this board and mine..get with it already wait til ur due and test...or listen to what people and web sites say...when u ovulate or should i look this up to..ur body temp has to rise and stay rising till u get ur period or till u implant..understand then if ur preggy stay that way through the pregnancy...if not u get ur period and it drops..u are no different

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