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Is my baby eating too less?

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Posted by Marie W. on August 12, 2003 at 16:34:17:

It looks like it is safe to post now. I am really annoyed at the thread of arguments on this board, usually involving the same people. Will the arguers please not type long offending sentences in the "subject" line. Better still, they can perhaps argue via email?

Coming to my question, I am worried that my baby is not eating enough. He is nine and a half months old. He probably weighs about 18 lbs now. He has 3 bottles of formula a day - I usually make 6 oz, but he rarely finishes a bottle - he has 4-5 oz at the most. His first bottle is at about 8.30 AM. He naps for 2 hours from 10 to 12. Lunch is at about 12.30. He usually has a few tbsps of cereal mixed with veggies (about a third or half a jar of veggies). Sometimes he'll eat fruit, sometimes he won't. He never eats his entire lunch. He gets another bottle at about 4 PM, again he eats just 4 oz. Dinner is at around 7, similar to lunch except he rarely eats all of it. I have to struggle to get him to eat at least half. We wake him up at 10 PM for his last bottle - he'll again have 4-5 oz max. He doesn't seem to be hungry much. If I offer finger foods, he just plays with it or throws it down.

He is sleeping through the night and is a happy and healthy baby. Is it that some babies are just not big eaters or am I paranoid? My older child was the opposite - she used to love eating and was a big eater. By the time she was 10 months old, she was eating breakfast, lunch, dinner with snacks in between and 3-4 bottles of 8 oz. formula.

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