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Re: bumps on heads

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Posted by robin on August 13, 2003 at 09:27:11:

In Reply to: bumps on heads posted by mandi on August 12, 2003 at 07:07:49:

: How do I know whether to call the doctor when my 10-month-old bumps her head? she's learning to walk and falls alot, but I'm never sure what's serious and what's not.thanks.

..watch her..first off fit a bad hard fall....and it blows up right away..and u cant calm her or she seems out of it.,..u call the doc right away,..
other then that u watch her...if u se one puple larger then the other...if she seems lithargic,...not as coordinated as usual..wont stop crying....the bump looks diff from regualr bump....she throws up or stops eating...stuff like that...oh yeah opr if she unconcious for any time..other then that...i think sh would be ok.. its a learning thing for them;...i think they become bouncing balls...when they learning to walk and crawl...there so many boboos in the process...but those are the alarming things to look for..other then that..i usually try and put ice on it for as l;ong as they let me...and distract them while im doing it..and if they seem to have a small headache from it i give tyl....but if there heads still hurting by night....i call the ped...its a wonderful boo boo age....u just pretty much have to look for feeling or behaving out of the usual..and of sourse if u see a big cut that might need stiches or wont stop bleeding...so far with my three i have had one upset tumy from a bumked head....but opther then that he was ok..i was more surposed then them

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