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a few thoughts before posting

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Posted by moderator on August 18, 2003 at 10:45:55:

At the core of this and all our boards is a group of wonderful, concerned people. Many of you are anxious to suggest, anxious to diagnose, and anxious to help. All your contributions are welcome, and are what make this board successful.

But with so many people and so many insights, it is only natural that one question may lead to more than one answer, and that those answers may be contradictory. Let's keep in mind that this is not a competition. The person asking for advice will pick and choose based on their own reasons.

Let's please conduct ourselves according to the following understandings:

If someone else's answer contradicts mine, it doesn't mean that they are right and I am wrong, (or visa versa).

If someone else's advice, and not mine, is accepted, it doesn't mean that they are smart, and I am dumb, (or visa versa).

If I strongly disagree with someone else's suggestion, and feel the need to say so, I will do so courteously. I won't use insulting language toward them, as I would not want them to use toward me.

If I feel compelled to disagree with someone else's advice, I will stick to the point, state my case once, and then drop it.

If someone else has stated that they wholeheartedly disagree with the advice that I have offered, I will not take it personally, and I will not respond in an unkind manner.

I am here to help where I can, not to preach or show off my knowledge.

Whatever advice or insight I have to offer, others can take it or leave it, and that's fine with me. I'm always ready to be of help, but don't want to be a nusiance.

If I find that another poster consistently offers advice that so upsets me that it causes me to forget the above understandings, then I will exercise my right as a contributer to this board, not to read their posts!

Any more suggestions in the same spirit are welcome. Let's all try to post according to the above undestandings, and see if it doesn't make the board a more pleasant one.

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