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Re: Off topic question regarding harvest crusade.

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Posted by Dana on August 20, 2003 at 23:54:25:

In Reply to: Re: Off topic question regarding harvest crusade. posted by Elizabeth on August 20, 2003 at 00:06:54:

Hello again Elizabeth!

I apologize for not replying sooner. Today has been kind of wild. The wake in rememberance of Rhahema is today and tomorrow which has been quite an interesting experience. People from all over the US are coming for the funeral. African culture is so different than ours. They seem to have so much dedication for those with the same culture. I can't imagine dropping everything and driving half-way across the nation for someone you "sort-of" know. There are about 100 people here I've never seen before. Amazing.

So, reading through your post last night I felt pretty strong that trust is the main issue with you two right now. Please correct me if that's off base.

Trust is obviously difficult with past abuse. I admire the fact that you are sticking with it. That says a lot for your character.

Before I go on, I assume that you know that there are tons of free email services out there. Both my husband and I each have our own separate private accounts and then we have two that are joint email account. Now, we fully trust each other, so it might be different, but I don't think having a private email account is a big deal. But, if you prefer I can chat here too.

I must admit that I don't know much about catholicism. We send our oldest to the catholic preschool behind our house (we live right beside a catholic church and catholic K-8 school). But that's about the extent of my knowledge. I have attended a catholic mass twice- but only for my cousins' confirmations. I am hoping that your husband's new found faith isn't putting your own faith down. As a new Christian (ok, that was a while ago), I got bombarded with everybody's thoughts on who was a REAL Christian. I heard a lot of catholic criticism. But, from what I think I understand now, I really feel that a person's faith is really personal. If someone feels more comfortable worshiping wildly, then great. If another person feels comfortable worshiping in cantations, that's great too. I think that the heart of the matter is really how you are on the inside, not the expression on the outside. Checking out his new church could be great- but maybe what he has found interesting to him wouldn't be to you. Now, unfortunately this all didn't happen before you were married. Now that you have kids and everything, things get a little more complicated.

I have a couple friends who choose to go to a different church than their spouse. It's worked for one couple well. For the other couple, it almost tore them apart. They eventually "comprimised" by attending a brand new church.

I remember being a new Christian and everything was such a high. I felt like I could fly- and no drugs were involved. It was so new and exciting- not saying that it's not exciting now. I've just mellowed more over the years. I assume that's where your husband is right now. He's probably transfixed between learning about prophesies, speaking in tongues, the last days, etc etc etc. But really the most important is relationships- dealing with everyone around us. That's the hardest lesson I learned.

Oh, and I don't think I was called to be a pastor. Maybe I stated things weird. No- a guy came up to me and said that he thought I had a healing ministry. This doesn't mean being a pastor- but praying over people for them to get well. Looking at my family's health conditions, I would LOVE that to be true. I don't feel like that's for real. But I sure hope it is. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that.

Talk later-

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