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Re: help asnwer this lplease

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Posted by Elizabeth on August 22, 2003 at 16:01:24:

: : : liz i know u can get rumatic fever from strpt throat ...i do have a bad mito valve...but how do u getit from a fever someone was saying that to me the other day...but i wasnt awareother then strep how u can getit?

: :
: : Hi Robin,

: : As you already know, when a person gets a fever it is the body's way of eliminating a virus or infection but when the fever is too high, the immune system can not tolerate it any longer and fight the virus or infection, so in self defense the immune system sends too many white blood cells to the tissues which then causes organs to become inflamed, mainly the heart leading to carditis (inflammation of the heart), then to valve damage, mainly the mitral valve. Rhematic fever/rheumatic heart disease is more common in strept throat because fevers tend to be higher in strept throat than in any other infection or virus. This can be prevented if fevers are treated right away and IV antibiotics given if necessary.

: : You mention that you have a bad mitral valve. Why is that? How severe is it? Do the doctors plan on replacing it? I had my tricuspid valve replaced twice. I was born with a VSD in the right ventricle and the doctor damaged my tricuspid valve (I did not sue) due to the hole being so close to the valve.

: we found it when i was pregnant with my first..my heart wasnt doing what it was supposed to be doing..i have a few other things wrong as well and was supposed to wear a holter moniter beng 22 i didnt..so there went that...but my heart notin great shape now so im back to theheart doc soon....
: they saidit was a birth defect but i wonder if its from the strep i had as a kid or any other infection...interesting..thanks

: also the walls of my heart are thickening at a faster pace then what there supposed to...they said that dangerous....well i get ot go through all the tests again...i knowmy carbon dioxide to high and i get chest pains and my left arm get numb..that why im going back now..


Maybe replacing your mitral valve will improve the rest of your heart. I also wanted to mention that when they damaged my heart valve, I also developed a third-degree heart block which caused my pulse to always be in the 40s. I lived like that all my live. I did get a little tired having a pulse that low, so then so I could have more energy when I had my kids, I had a pacemaker put in not like the ones in the ancient times. I aked the doctor to put it in my stomach above my liver so you can't even see if I were to put on a bikini.

Don't worry. Everything is going to be okay. Cardiology technology is so advanced. One of the most advanced than practically any other organ in your body.

Also, if they do decide to replace your mitral valve they will give you a choice of which one you want and give you time to think about it. If that is the case, let me know before you decide and I can help you make a decision. I have had 2 kinds.

Good luck. Let me know what happens.

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