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Re: question on 9mos old eating food

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Posted by jen on August 31, 2003 at 00:00:08:

In Reply to: Re: question on 9mos old eating food posted by Rowena on August 30, 2003 at 18:45:44:

: Hi Jen

: Perhaps get your little one eating mashed foods before starting on the finger foods. Try not to be too alarmed about the gagging, she will quickly learn what she needs to do to swallow it without gagging, provided she has the opportunity to learn. All children will gag while they are learning to eat. A little gagging is virtually unavoidable. Gagging is a protective reflex that guards against choking. Gagging is very noisy whereas choking is silent.

: I would suggest you may like to look as the amount of formula your little one is drinking. Often at around 9 months of age children are down to 3 bottles of fomula per day. If she's a good weight for her age, you may be able to reduce her formula to 3 bottles and this will increase her appetite for solid foods.
: Cheers Rowena
Ya I think your right about the mashed foods first. I guess i was so freaked out a couple of times when she was gagging that i didn't keep trying as much as i should have. I gave her some jarred macaroni with meat and veggies and she tolerated a couple teaspoons for a couple of meals which is progress somewhat for her because she usually clamps her mouth shut for anything besidse pablum. She has also tried kiwi and watermelon in the last few days and is eating cookies which i could handle watching her eat when i was by myself. Its frustrating when they don;t welcome new foods but i'll keep trying.
thanks for the info i never thought of gagging as a learning experience bu i guess it is.
jen- sorry so long

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