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Re: has anyone ever had this

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Posted by Shana on August 31, 2003 at 17:44:42:

In Reply to: has anyone ever had this posted by karen on August 29, 2003 at 21:55:32:

: i've been searching on some info about ingrown hairs that turn into boils.one day i had shaved my bikini line and i got an ingrown hair,i never really paid it any mind so i left alone.about 4 days ago i had popped it when i shouldn't have after i was told it could get infected or push the bacteria further down then it would spread.it looked like a pimple before and now that i popped it again because it started to itch it had swelled.i was told to seek a dermatologist to get it surgically drained or have the doc lance it,then give me anti-biotics.i can't believe that i'm still scared of the docs,i don't like anything medical,so this has kept me from going to get it checked out.the pain has reduced a bit from the heating pad but,the swelling is still there(pus).if i pop it i think it will swell again even if i clean with anti bacteria soap to kill the infection.i will not cooperate with the docs if i have to feel any pain if they do something to it,like local anesthesia,can anyone give me some info or some help on what to do.i feel like a big baby,right now,and ive been fighting with docs since i was 4yrs old just to avoid anything medicinal.im just scared thats all.

I get those occassionally now. The best thing is to leave it alone, at least for me that is. Be sure the area stays clean and DRY! That helps a great deal... dont scratch at it or mess with it. Dr's say to wear cotton undies too, really helps as well. Good luck!

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