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Posted by Mels on September 01, 2003 at 21:11:35:

In Reply to: To MELS!!!!! posted by gina on September 01, 2003 at 18:21:42:

Gina, it's funny you should say you're not trying to entrap your boyfriend through pregnancy...I never said that...I never even hinted at it.

I didn't say you made things up. I said one minute you said you hoped to get pregnant in September or October of this year; the next minute you said you wanted to wait until you were in your 20's or 30's. And that you had a feeling you'd get pregnant. Feelings come from somewhere.

I'm not the one who said any of these things; you did. And you're on a pregnancy board before you're even technically late. So what are people supposed to tell you? It does sound like either you want a baby (nobody would fault you there, that's not a crime) or that you expect to get pregnant--and most people who are reliably using birth control, don't expect to get pregnant.

So what was it you wanted me to say, then, in light of all this? What kind of advice did you want? I told you to take a test. You took it. It's negative. Why the upset?

I didn't say you "made things up"...I said I can't help you b/c your posts conflict...and I can't help you, definitely. I wished you luck.

I will bypass the "f*ck you" statement b/c I know that no matter what, thinking you might be pregnant as a teenager not in a permanent relationship is scary. I don't discount that. I tried to help and didn't do a great job; that's the bottom line. You asked a question; people answered. That's what a message board is for.

I do hope you are relieved of your stress soon, as being stressed out is a difficult way to live...that much I do get from your posts and I do feel bad about that...I hope you feel better soon.


: You know what Mels, I am not making this up. If you dont want to believe fine, dont. I won't make you. I took the test it came out negative but my period doesn't come down. Yes, I'm stressed out, i'm nervous. Do I want a baby? yes, but in late 20s or 30. Do I wanted now? no. Do I want to lose him? no, everyday I pray God for him, for us not to be separated and thankful were not. I wished we could last forever, I really do. But having a baby is not away of catching him. Do I have feeling I might get pregnant this year? Yes, I did actually. I spoke to my aunt and she said I should be ok, it's being delayed b/c I'm nervous and stressed out. You have no idea how stressed out and nervous. After we were cautious about it, using protection and still there's a possibility. You have no idea? And then you come with this attitude??!!! F**k you!! Why would I make this up? You think I want to be scared? And nervous and everything? I came here for help, if you want to treat me like sh*t fine, do so. May God have mercy on you. All I wish is for my period to come down, that's all I want. You have no idea how bad I've been praying.

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