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To Mels.....

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Posted by Kelly M on September 02, 2003 at 10:39:49:

Hiya Ive just read both your storys on here and the birth board.
Im sorry to hear about your birth i can not imagin what that felt like, I hope your on the mend now and best of luck.

About the abortion issue i totally agree with you. I don't think you had explain yourself tho but i can your point. I think what ever we choose to do with our pregnancys (Abortion, Adoption, keep the baby) Its all very emotional and we have to live with the desion we make.

Abortion: you will never forget. Guily feeligs and a emotionaly wrecked.

Adoption: more than likey the same feelings as a abortion and the fact you have a child out there will it look for you later on, will he/she hate you.... Are the parents good enough.

Keeping the baby: we are responcible for this little bundle for the rest of our lifes. Make sure he/shes fed/clothed etc, and its dam hard work.

It makes me laugh because what ever we do theres always someone in the background saying we are in the "wrong", "Abortion is murder" "Adoption, How can you give your baby away after carrying it for 9 months" or "How can you have a baby you have no money your not married etc"
And ppl make feel like we comment a crime simply b/c we feel pregnant.

Anyway sorry to go on, I wish you and your sons well, Good luck for future

Kelly M
P.S..... Im not trying to start a issue with anyone, or start any debates.

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