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Re: 5 months old eats a WHOLE lot..kinda long =)-Marie

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Posted by jen on September 03, 2003 at 17:56:23:

In Reply to: Re: 5 months old eats a WHOLE lot..kinda long =) posted by Marie W. on September 03, 2003 at 16:38:26:

: : Well, my son will be 5 months in about a week now. He is so different from my first child. They are like night and day. Anyway, he isn't too fat or too skinny. He's at his right weight. I have recently started him on solids...as suggested by is Dr. I have been through all the cereals and have now started him on baby food. This child will eat regardless if he's hungry and shows no signs of refusing food when he's full. The only way I know he's full is when he spits up.

: : Here's his daily menu: 8-9am 8oz bottle, 12-1pm 2.5oz cereal & 7oz bottle, 4-5pm 2.5oz veg./fruit & 7oz bottle, 8-9pm 8oz bottle, 12am 8oz bottle. I have been trying to cut down to 32 oz of formula a day, but seems after his 8-9 feeding, he wakes up around midnight and is SO fussy. I've tried changing his diaper and laying him back down, but he just screams, so I put that bottle in front of his face and he grabs it until he's got it in his mouth.

: : I know this may sound like a silly question, but can anyone give me a ballpark of how much to feed my baby. He pretty much eats till he throws up and shows no sign of being full. He won't take a pacifier cause his doctor suggested that in case he wanted to suck...Any advice or suggestions?

: : ~ Marcia

: Here is a link to an article that I found on the babycenter website about feeding and nutrition. It does mention about keeping formula intake to 32 oz a day, but that is only a guideline. If your baby is eating well and is not overweight, I would not worry. Some babies love eating, like my daughter used to.

: My second baby is the opposite. He is a little over 10 months old and he will not ever have more than 15-20 oz of formula a day. He has 3 six oz bottles a day, of which he will usually leave behind an ounce or two each time. I then try to sneak in a fourth bottle which he sometimes has if he is in the mood. His solids are lunch and dinner (each consisting of a few tbsps of cereal and or veggies and fruits). He does not snack on finger foods much. But he is very healthy and very active, so I have stopped worrying about him not eating enough.

Marie you have made me feel so much better my little one 9.5 mos is the same as your little boy she only eats about 20 -25 oz a day and will only take in 2 small meals. I guess every kid is not rhe same and text book babies are hard to find although
people try to measure them to a text. Thx for sharing.

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