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Re: Rash..Eczema??

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Posted by Rowena on September 06, 2003 at 05:47:36:

In Reply to: Rash..Eczema?? posted by Kendra on September 05, 2003 at 21:42:31:

Hi Kendra

Eczema is due to an allergic reaction to something (often you never discover to what). Although children tend to outgrow eczema as they get older, eczema can develop at any age. (The timing depends on what the child is allergic to).

The rash is normally itchy and responds very well to the use of a cortisone based cream. (Although mild cortisone/steriod creams can sometimes be purchased over the counter, I would recommend seeing a doctor for advice on a suitable cream).

If your child has eczema HEAT, DRYNESS AND PRICKLE will aggravate the condition. It's important to try to remove these factors from your her environment. Try to keep her cool, well moisturised and in loose, light cotton clothing and blankets.

Avoid overheating caused by overdressing. Overheating can also occur during bathing, in the car, and in bed.

There are things that can dry the skin like water, air-blowing heaters, cleaning agents, soap and the environment, such as dry winds. Skin will be dryer in the winter as the humidity is lower and heaters are used more.

Use a soap-free cleanser in her bath. Moisten her skin a few time a day with a sorboline and glycerol cream to help prevent dryness. If the eczema is bad a moisturising cream should be used over a steriod cream.

Avoid using detergeant to wash her clothing. Use a pure soap in the washing machine and rinse very well.

Clothing can worsen eczema especially when it has a "prickly" feeling. Large fibres, especially seams, wool, stitching, tags, frills and lace edges can make a child's skin feel itchier. Use only cotton or silk fibres for clothing and bedding.

Common causes of eczema include:
Food or milk allergy contributes to about 10% of children with eczema.

Dust mite. Maintaining a dust free environment may help. (Although in my experience I am not sure if this is humanly possible.) No need to be to pedantic elimating dust unless the eczema becomes severe.

I hope this helps.

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