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Re: Learning problems with daughter. (Long)

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Posted by rycheymac on September 10, 2003 at 12:24:54:

In Reply to: Learning problems with daughter. (Long) posted by Kelly M on September 09, 2003 at 04:24:05:

: My daughter is in 3rd year at school, Shes almost 7.....
: When she first started the school the teachers were very worried about her, They said she had problems getting words out and recommened speech therphy. Then they asked me to come in again saying that she would need special needs to help with school work 1 on 1 teaching. After a year of speech therphy i went to see the woman, she said that there was nothing wrong with my daughters speech and that shes a happy bright child.

: Last year was very hard for me, I just had a new baby we just moved blah blah, This ment i could not sit with my daughter and help with homework etc.

: Then before she broke up from the summer hoildays i got her school report. It said that the whole year she was in hes class she never compleated one bit of work. But finished all her work with the special needs teacher...

: Im getting very frustrated now!! My daughter can only read and spell words that the 5 yr olds are learning now at her school. She can not write a sentance she can only read very very simple books. My nephew is her age aswell knows how to read write etc.
: I cant help but think my daughter is thick!

: She went back to school last week and i said to her new teacher that if she dont finish her work of in class that she is to bring it home and ill make sure she does it, The teacher also said that she will keep her in at lunch times too. My DH said to me that we should buy books for her to start learning spellings, reading and writing and make her do this for 1 hour each night intill she catches up with the rest of her class.
: Do you think im being too strict on her?

: Just to let you know theres nothing wrong with her mentaly or physicly, and she dont have behavour problems, Shes a normaly little girl who is refusing to work in a class room.

: Thanks for any help
: Kelly M

I had similar problems with my oldest child. She is very intelligent but when it came time to put things down on paper she froze. And we did what your husband suggested, sitting down with her for an hour a day and practiced. I had the privilge of being a stay at home Mom(but I did have a baby too) If she had a test at school we would review for about 15 minutes in the morning.but everynight we sat down together. Her grades improved dramatically.She was getting 7 out of 40 on tests.and after about 2 weeks she was getting 39 out of 40 and 40/40. we were so thrilled. I think she needed her confidence to be boosted. to put it bluntly she really thought she was dumb.and I think practicing helped alot. So i dont think that wanting her to learn is strict,but don't leave her at the table alone to do her work. Even if you sit with her 15mins.it would be helpful.And I think that it was great of you to let the teacher know.They get so busy sometimes and some kids slip thru.It happened to my DD in grade one. I didnt know she was behind until the school yr. was almost over.Just make sure to have lots of contact with the teacher. I hope I have helped. bye for now.....

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