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Re: update "flat head syndrome"/elizabeth

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Posted by Elizabeth on September 14, 2003 at 02:03:44:

In Reply to: update "flat head syndrome"/elizabeth posted by Leora on September 12, 2003 at 22:22:11:

: Our appt was yesterday. After waiting two hours to been seen, UGH! The Dr. at the Facial/Cranial Clinic, said it was "too late" to really do anything about her head. He said helmets have to be worn for "at least" six months and they are "miserable", generally they are started at 6 months of age too. She will be one year in a month. He said by the age of 4-5, her head should begin to round out IN THE BACK, but the top will still be "tall", and the sides "wide", he said her hair will cover it....ha ha right? I said, "I was hoping she'd be a movie star", he said, "take a look at Danny Deveto"!.....lol, Unfortunately, she is a reflux baby, and sleeping in her swing until 7 1/2 months old has attributed to this flat head syndrome. But what are you supposed to do when your baby PROJECTILES in her sleep? I suppose living w/ a deformed head, as opposed to death is the better alternative? Good grief, I am not feeling very good about what I've done to her head? She really does look like a movie star, til she turns around, poor baby. Dr. is doing an MRI just to be safe. I had a sister born 10 yrs before me w/ Hydrocephylus (water on the brain),that passed at 3 months old, so he will check to be safe, but had she had that she would have shown some signs of Neuroligical distresses, and she is developmentally normal, and what a good baby, and a sweetheart, let me tell you! I could shop for hours and she just strolls along good natured. Wont sleep in car or anywhere but in her bed, like her Mother, but hey, you couldn't ask for a better little girl really. And I suppose that's what it's all about...Thanks Elizabeth, and for all who care, and read this! Leora

Hello Leora,

I have seen patients that had this syndrome. Some were due to lying on their back for prolonged periods of time or sitting up for too long which causes the head to mold that way. Some of them had problems with the ventricles in the brain being too large or problems with skull growth and sutures of the skull not closing (craniosynostosis). Hydrocephalus is also common in newborns and can last up to a year and go away on its own. If hydrocephalus does not go away after a year, then surgery may be required. They then put a shunt in the brain and monitor with MRIs to make sure the shunt is working properly. Most likely your case seems to be just sitting her on the swing too long. I think it is great that your doctor is ordering an MRI though to be on the safe side. I believe a doctor could never be absolutely sure without looking inside with MRI or CT. I always believe that. He sounds like a good doctor. Some doctors will just say everything is fine by just talking to them and do not order any tests, then years pass and people find things out when another doctor decides to order tests when things could have been corrected in the past.

I think your daughter could still be a model. I am sure she is beautiful no matter the shape of her head.

Please keep us posted after you get her MRI results.

Thank you and God bless you and your daugher.

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