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Re: Formula aversion

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Posted by Nicole K on September 15, 2003 at 12:02:02:

In Reply to: Formula aversion posted by Marie W. on September 15, 2003 at 10:25:27:

: My 10 and a half month old never was a big eater. He seems to be developing an aversion towrds either the formula or his bottle. His total formula intake has now dropped to 8-10 oz a day. He has one bottle when he wakes up. He has 5 oz if I am lucky. He will have another 4-5 oz in the afternoon. He refuses his bedtime bottle completely. His other meals of the day are lunch and dinner. He refuses to eat breakfast. I don't know how he gets by with such little food.

: Do you think I should start him on whole milk - I'm wondering if he hates the taste of the formula suddenly. I was hoping to wait until 12 months before I started milk, but I will if there's no other choice.

: Or is he self weaning from the bottle? He seems less interested in the bottle these days. After drinking 3-4 oz he starts playing with the bottle, or just slips out of my hold and crawls away. Bottle feeding is becoming a struggle. He is still not comfortable with a sippy cup. He sucks a little bit and then throws the cup down.

: He is otherwise a healthy and a very active baby (weighing a little over 19 lbs).

Hi Marie,

Just to let you know I started my son on whole milk to about 10 1/2 months with no problems. Now at a year he loves milk and will have it in a sippy cup with his meals and water in between meals. I don't give him juice, only occasionaly if he is at his grandma's house.
I have weaned him off of his morning bottle last week and instead offered him a sippy cup of whole milk, and to my surpise he accepted it in place of the bottle. He still takes his night bottle which he loves, but I have also substituted the formula for whole milk. My son, like yours, has also never been a big eater and he seems pickier now that he is a year. He just smacks the spoon out of my hand or throws his food or puts it in his hair....lol. He is still not to good at feeding himself with his own spoon, though he does show interest in learning.
I would not be too concerned with him not taking his bottles. Try offering him whole milk. Also, make his cereal with formula or milk so that he is getting what he need in the cereal as well.

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