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controlling mother over my sister (long)

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Posted by Kelly M on October 07, 2003 at 05:37:50:

Hi All,
Sorry i know this is a strange question but can teenagers suffer from battered wife syndrom? Through their parents?
Im gonna try and explain....

I have a 19 year old sister, My mother is very very controling over her, I mean she chooses her birth control, Tells her what to do basicly treats her like a 5 year old, This pass year since she turned 18 things have been hard for her, One time in febuary my sister descided to leave home and stay with her boyfriend, My mother hit the roof stormed round there dragged her back home and hit her and slammed her head 3 times on the door..
2 Weeks ago she turned 19 we all went out to the pub, My sister went to pick her friends up which they delayed her by a hour, By now my mother was getting mad " Where the F**k is she!! etc" My sister turned up my mother got her handbag and wacked it round her face, My sister was crying and sobbing sorry and i love you mom.... things settled down then 20 mins later in front of a whole pub my mother walked up to her and went "your out of order" and slapped her face, then my mother stormed home...
Yesterday im at my mothers with my kids, And another aurgment broke out my poor sister just sits there like a little mouse while my mom swears and screams at her, In the end i had to leave the house because it was unreal.

My sister reminds me of a woman who suffers from domistic violence she always forgives and forgets...

My mother has 4 of us and its only Rosie she starts on, Maybe because the rest of us don't take her crap.

Of course i tried to step in but its no use, If i took my sister in my mother would be round here screaming blue murder, I do my best to confront my sister i just can't understand why mom is like this to her, Rosie is a good kid she dont drink or take drugs shes still in full time education.

Im not sure if any of you know where im coming from but its frustrating!!

Sorry 4 going on

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