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Re: To all those looking for "the real Ginger"

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Posted by Becka on October 07, 2003 at 15:07:33:

In Reply to: Re: To all those looking for "the real Ginger" posted by Jamie H on October 07, 2003 at 14:56:10:

: : : : : : The true and real Ginger has been banned from this board and can only view the messages here. She is unable to post anything.

: : : : : : To the jerk who has been posting under name:

: : : : : : I hope that one day you have someone treat you as badly as you have treated her, and cause you as much unwanted stress as you have caused her. The real Ginger is a truly sweet, friendly, and helpful person. It is very sad that you are so unhappy in your own life that you have to try to bring others down with you. I hope one day you are paid back for all your hatefulness.

: : : : : Actually I know the (real) Ginger. She is not nice at all. She is nasty to people she expecially hates. She will also plot things to get them in trouble or make things look like it done by them. As I said I know her IRL. She the same in IRL as on the boards. She does have a nice way to convince people though. Once you do get to really, really know her though, You will see she not the person she shows in first glance. I know her about 3 years now.

: : : : : Just a note from someone who really knows her. Computer world and in real life.

: : : : I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. While I have only spoken with her via the internet, I have found her to be a very geniune and nice person. The person posting here as her is not her. The IP's have been investagated, and these "hate messages" to Robin and everything else are not coming from the real Ginger.

: : : By the way "Becka", Ginger has no idea who you are. Why don't you pop her an e-mail so she can get to know you, being that you supposidly know her so well!

: : Actually Ginger knows exactly who I am, I live 5 minutes away from her. I do not need to pop her an email I have had my share of Ginger just as many others have. I admit I met her online we found out how close we lived stayed friends for while. After I saw what she is capable of I just kind of backed away. Plan on staying backed away. I also was on this board and as far as I know or new. Richard never gives out exact information on what he does with posters and there info. So investigating. That makes no sence here. Sounds like what ginger does and I have sat by her computer as she has done it to many others.

: : Just because you think someone is so sweet on the net and so kind be careful what you see isn't what you get. I learned my lesson, boy have I with her.

: : Oh, and
: : Ginger knows exactly who I am and my name is Becka no hidding there. Just maybe her hidding how she knows me.

: Well, whatever "concerned", I mean "fake Ginger", I mean "Becka"....I juct can't keep up with all of your alias's!

I'm Becka, You know you are rude!

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