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I'm back with LOTS of Questions

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Posted by Kelley D on October 13, 2003 at 16:33:15:

haven't been on this board in forever!!! I've been so busy I haven't had the time to even look at it! Anyway, Trinity just turned one on the 7th of October. Her 12 month appointment is this Friday but I figured I'd get some advice before then! Okay first of all, I know she should be drinking milk now instead of formula....but she wants nothing to do with it. She just throws the bottle and Friday night went and got her formula out of her diaper bag when I gave her a bottle of milk! I fixed a formula bottle and she drank it all. Also, she has been on soy milk since she was about 5 months due to constipation problems. I wonder if I should be giving her whole milk (I've tried whole and skim...neither she likes) Also, I know this is bad..well I guess it is, I haven't heard that I should have done this already but I hear people saying..."He/She's been off the bottle since 9 months ect..." I haven't taken Trinity "Off the Bottle yet". She vary rarely uses a sippy cup. I mean she knows how, but I just screw a nipple on the little gerber juice bottles and thats how she takes her juice and everything. I think maybe it's bad for their teeth or something to let them take a bottle for too long am I right? I"m sorry if I sound stupid...even though she's a year old, I'm still learning new things everyday! Can someone please tell me how to get babies used to milk and how this whole thing works?? Do I stop using baby food now and just give her table food? I'm such a paranoid mommy...I won't give her a lot of table foods for fear it will upset her belly or she will choke. I break everything into tiny pieces but she crams every bit in her mouth as fast as she can and It scares me to death! Ok so I'm hoping my Dr. explains all this Friday, but any advice on what things need to change now that she's one and how to get her to adjust to them would be great. I'm really embarrassed....I hope no one thinks I'm as big of idiot as I sound! I know I'm a good mommy but I'm not sure what the rules of a 1 year old are now!! Please Help me!!!!

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