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Re: Questions about language development...

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Posted by Debbie on October 14, 2003 at 20:43:19:

In Reply to: Re: Questions about language development... posted by Elizabeth on October 14, 2003 at 19:31:28:


Please dont take this the wrong way as I'm not criticizing or trying to pick a fight, I'm just curious to know where you got that language information? I'm only asking b/c as you know my daughter is speech delayed and that is nothing like the speech material that I have received over the past few years from her different therapists. My information from different therapists and different speech books says that by age 2 a child should be speaking a MINIMUM of 50 words and be putting 4 together in sentences. ( I know her son isn't 2 yet, I'm just using that as an example ) My son who is 22 months says many 4 word sentences 'see the big truck', 'mommy, take a bath?', things like that and alot of his other speech is still intelligible and my pediatrician thinks I need to watch it, which is the same advice I got from my daughters speech therapist.

Shana - I'm not at all inferring that I think your son is speech delayed whatsoever, but I do think that since they are testing him for another condition, that could have speech delay involved, that you should bring it up to your pediatrician. It wouldn't hurt to have a speech eval as Early Intervention services are available for him now. The thing that makes me just a little nervous is that he was saying a word and now he's stopped. Speech regression is a huge thing to watch for. Let us know what your dr. says. Its interesting to see how dr.'s react to different things in different areas.


: Hi Shana,

: Your son sounds like he is doing great. At 14 months, a child should be able to just say mama and dada only. It sounds like he is saying a little more than that (3 words). He should also be able to wave bye-bye. At 17 months, he should be able to use 2 words together; 18 months, use 3 words; 21 months, point to a body part when asked; 22 months, use 6 words; 24 months, speak several words; and at 3 years, he should be able to be understood 80% of the time.

: Hope this is helpful. Good luck with your son. I hope everything turns okay.

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