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Re: Question regarding moving

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Posted by Sue on October 14, 2003 at 20:49:30:

In Reply to: Question regarding moving posted by Elizabeth on October 14, 2003 at 19:16:50:

: Hello,

: My husband and I have been thinking of going back to live to our old house which is being rented out at the moment, but the lease will be up soon, but we are having a difficult time making up our minds. Right now, we are living in a very large house. The front and back yards are 1 acre each and live in the hills. The neighborhood is very nice but just recently found out that the schools here are not good.

: The area where our old house is located is nice, the schools are the best, and we would be very close to my mom which is a good thing, and our mortgage payment is extremely low which would allow us to live more comfortably financially. My main concern is living in an area where the schools are good. The only problem is that our old house is very tiny, only 1,000 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath. I am concerned that my kids are going to feel bad because they got used to living in a big house and we would be taking them to live in a tiny house which I wouldn't mind at all but am worried about them.

: My question is if you feel that they would resent the fact that I took them away from their big house to live in a very tiny house? It is also an attached home, not a condo or townhouse, but is attached to the neighbor's house. Each house has their separate driveways and yards but looks like 2 houses are stuck together. We had thought about buying a bigger house in the same area but the prices have doubled.

: Thanks and take care!

Hi Elizabeth. Wow that's quite a decision to have to make. Kids are really resiliant though and in a year from now will not even really remember that the other house was bigger. What really counts is that Mommy and Daddy are there. No matter the size of the house or where it is. Living in a smaller house is more or a concern for you since you have to find a place for everything and keep everyone from getting under the others feet. We live in a medium house. But it's very old, about 110 years old. Storage was not something they thought about in the late 1800's. I always say that this house is like a rubic's cube. I am constantly rearranging things to accomadate all of the crap my DH doesn't get rid of. And we are quickly being overcome by baby things. The house seemed sizable when we moved in mainly because our old house was SO small. We ultimately are thinking of knocking it down and building a new one. If we do we are going to live in an RV in our yard. Talk about cramped. I'm in a quandry about what I really want to do. This is Charlie's first home and I'm getting quite attached to this old crooked house. And I like the comfort of not being to far away from Charlie's room no matter where in the house I am. I guess the bottom line is that it actually will be more of an adjustment for you and DH than the kids.

Good luck

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