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Re: Any ideas on disposing of poopy diapers?

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Posted by Stephanie on October 15, 2003 at 16:46:55:

In Reply to: Any ideas on disposing of poopy diapers? posted by Stephanie M. on October 15, 2003 at 13:20:46:

Hi Stephanie

Looking at things from slightly different angle. I would suggest you closely screen your daughter's diet. You didn't mention how old she is, so I was not sure if she had started solids or not. Most often the smell of the poop is produced by the bacteria normally present in the bowel. A really smelly poop, especially if it's a watery bowel movement, may indicate that a particular food (which may include juice or milk) is not being digested properly. Another reason for these same symptoms could be a gastro-intestinal infection - bacterial, viral, fungal or parasites, such as worms. However, a small percentage of people produce more sulphur (hence smelly gas or poop) for no obvious reason.

What do her bowel movements look like? How often does she poop? Is she also gassy? What sort of milk does she drink and what type of foods does she eat? How long has this been a problem? If it has been a long term problem it may be due to something she eats (or drinks) regularly. It it's fleeting it may be due to something she has occasionally. If it has only been a sudden occurance it may be due to a gastro-intestinal infection (or a new food).

If your daughter has started on fruit juice, that's where I suggest you start with your search, because a signicant but small percentage of babies can experience a carbohydate malabosorption problem, with the sugar and starches contained in particular fruits and vegetables not being fully digested. Most troublesome for these babies (not all babies experience this problem) is fruit juice that has a high fructose to glucose ratio, such as apple and pear juice. Also fruit juices that also contain sorbitol, such as pear or prune juice. This type of malabsorption problem generally improves with age and increased maturity of the child's digestive system.


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