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Re: Questions about language development...

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Posted by Elizabeth on October 15, 2003 at 20:31:20:

In Reply to: Re: Questions about language development... posted by Debbie on October 15, 2003 at 20:13:42:

Hi Debbie,

I am from California. I have noticed that doctors from different countries do things differently, although some doctors here do too. One doctor will think something warrants attention and another doctor will not and some have different guidelines and different set milestones. I go with guidelines from schooling and what I have seen personally. I would not worry about speech until after 2 unless there are other problems like in the milestones like a child still not sitting, poor muscle tone, etc. I don't think speech therapy is necessary until age 3 if there indeed is a problem. A parent can do many things to help language by reading to them daily, flash cards, etc. I spend a lot of time teaching my kids. My 3-year-old already knows how to add small numbers, and both of my children were born a month premature. My sister-in-law said she never talked until she was 3-1/2. Her mother was worried sick thinking she had a problem and finally one day she just started talking away. She was also always an honor student.

I actually think your kids talk a lot for their age, but your doctor may think differently.

Take care.

: Hi,
: I find that totally interesting. Just b/c in different parts of the country things are looked at so differently. I am on the East Coast, and most of the dr.'s (at least that I've known or heard of from other parents) are really "uptight" about speech. You are exactly right in what you say about not talking and then a language explosion. My sisters daughter did not say ANYTHING until she was almost 3. She did however end up having a speech eval., they decided she had an articulation disorder and worked with her only 3 times and the language just started coming.

: I had thought Shana said that neurofybormitis (sp) did have a speech delay, that is why I would have recommended her asking her dr.

: Take care.

: Debbie

: : Hi Debbie,

: : I understand. At 2 years a child should be able to put several words together, and at 3 is when a child should be able to be understood 80% of the time. The information is from what I learned in school and from the neurologists and neurosurgeons I have worked with. I have seen many 2 year olds who don't even say a single word and they end up talking up a storm months after and are perfectly normal. As long as all other milestones have been met, I really would not worry about the speech until months after 2 years old. Also, in neurofibromatosis, it is very rare for a child to have speech delay.

: : Take care.
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