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Re: Baby not gaining weight - sorry it's long

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Posted by Amy on October 16, 2003 at 22:26:06:

In Reply to: Re: Baby not gaining weight - sorry it's long posted by Traci Hall on September 25, 2003 at 02:31:27:

I know exactly what your going through my daughter is 4 months old and hates to eat, it's a struggle everyday for us. I have been to 3 different hospitals and 2 different doctors, no one seems to know anything. The new doctor I have her with finally sent us to a gatroenterologist. The 28th of this month we are going down to have a modified barium sollow,endoscopy,and another test where they run a wire through her nose into the stomach and hook it to a monitor to measure acid. We have tried the zantac and reglan which only made things 10 times worse. We have been through a number of formulas but the best one yet is Carniation Good Start with Gerber rice added to thicken. BEST!!!! She still fights me very bad with every bottle but eventually she will take it. How many calories are you getting in your baby a day? 600-650 is what a 0-6 month old should have. Another thing I have found to work is feeding while they are asleep. Between the Good start and upping calorie intake from 400 to 600 she has gained 3lbs in 2 months. You mentioned your baby sleeping alot my daughter did to till we started upping calories. Feeding while they are asleep is the best. Another thing is try not to cuddle your baby to tight while feeding this gives them the room to move freely and think they are independent! Lay you baby in your lap turn cartoons on for her to focus on and begin feeding after focused well!!!! Really helps!! Also try to give smaller feeding more often! With Hannah I give 2 oz's every 1-2 hours. This helps the vomiting. Except Hannah gags till she just vomits. What kind of formula are you using? Maybe this could be the promblem!?! Hopefully this will help you some! Sorry so lenghty! Please email me back I nedd someone to talk to with the same promblems I'm having!!

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