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Re: Sticking my nose into it

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Posted by Leora on November 03, 2003 at 15:19:18:

In Reply to: Sticking my nose into it posted by Phil on November 03, 2003 at 09:50:41:

wow! great info, thanks guys, i'll have my hubby read and see if he understands it, i'm feeling dizzy after reading this all lol!

: Hi,

: Did what Steve wrote make sense to you? It did to me, but I work with this stuff every day. I'm guessing you are a beginner to posting pictures on the web and therefore might benefit from a less technical description on how to post one on this website:

: To post a picture, you need a few things in place first:

: 1 - a picture to post.
: 2 - some "webspace" in which to store your picture online. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) you pay for (such as MSN, AOL, Earthlink, and pretty much every local ISP) give you 5-10MB of web space. If you are connecting to the internet with one of these ISPs, you probably have everything you need to post a picture here.

: The trick is this - you need to know where your webspace is. And once you have that, you have to find out how to get your picture onto that webspace. Essentially, you are copying your picture from your computer and are putting it online. Simply having the picture on your computer isn't enough, you have to make it available to be seen online by copying it to your webspace.

: Since everyone's webspace is at a different location, I would suggest calling your ISP's tech support people to find out exactly where it is. Further, I'd ask them to walk you through the uploading process. Most ISPs will help you out with these steps.

: So, once you have your picture uploaded to your webspace, the rest is easy (kind of). Steve's message is exactly right. You can type some text in the message box like you do when you are posting a message, and then add the following bit of html code:

: < img src=http://yourpictureaddress.com >

: As Steve said, you'd need to remomve the before and after the brackets (the "<" and ">" symbols).

: I would be happy to provide more specific step-by-step instructions to you if like. Just let me know.

: I hope this helps.

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