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Re: Have a couple questions?? PLZ respond

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Posted by Elizabeth on November 07, 2003 at 17:15:11:

In Reply to: Have a couple questions?? PLZ respond posted by Tara on November 07, 2003 at 07:55:12:

: Hi ladies i was here a couple of months ago fusterated because my Dh and i weren't having any luck getting pregnant for about a year! Well I think this month we might have did it. My cycle used to be 28 days but for a while now it's been starting on the 25th or 26th! Well its now the 29th and no signs of it! Now heres the questions. The past couple times Dh and i have had intercourse after wards my like lower abdominal hurts almost like little cramps. And the past couple of days just out of no where i'll get a headache, theres no reason for it. Do these sound like normal early signs (oh man my breast hurt Bad lately also) Where waiting to test simply cause LAST november i was late also so he thinks this is a november thing!!! So were going to want another week or so to see if it comes but i'm so nervious and hoping this is it cause he's been wanting this so MUCH! If any of these sound like early signs please help. I'm dying to find out but he won't let me test! Sorry this is SO long just wanted to make sure i added everything. Thanks for any and all advice.
: Tara

Everyone is different, but signs before even finding out you are pregnant are extreme tiredness, fullness sensation in your breasts, more hungry than usual, frequent urination, food cravings or not liking certain foods you used to like, headaches, slight cramping or PMS-like symptoms.

I would test until 2 weeks late. Some women don't come out positive until then even though many home pregnancy tests say they are 99.9% accurate the first day you miss. I tested after 4 days of being late, came out negative, and then waited and tested positive. My sister on the other hand tested positive after 4 days with both pregnancies. I would wait.

Also, try to not to get too anxious is wanting to become pregnant or it won't happen until a long time. That happened to me. I would cry everytime I got my period adn it took me 6 years to get pregnant with my first and there was never anything medically wrong to prevent a pregnancy from happening. Finally, I said if I didn't get pregnant I would have in vitro which was scheduled in October 1999. Well, I gave up and didn't stress over it anymore because I knew I would have in-vitro fertilization anyway. Well, I found out I was pregnant at the end of September. I was 3-1/2 months pregnant and never knew it. I did have pregnancy symptoms but never thought I would be because I had tried for so long. I also thought I was just getting fat. I also still had a period until 4 months. So try to relax a bit. I know it is easier said than done.

Take care and let us know.

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