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Re: no period

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Posted by Lisa S on November 09, 2003 at 05:36:20:

In Reply to: Re: no period posted by Elizabeth on November 08, 2003 at 14:23:14:

: :
: : : : i noticed this constant sharp pain on my left side going around to my back.

: : : When you say it is on your left side, is it on your lower left side or upper left side?

: : it is on my right side sorry...bottom

: My opinion is that it is caused by the uterus still contracting. It is not a cyst or anything like that because the doctors would have seen it. They usually take out the uterus, examine it including the ovaries and tubes, and then put it back in You are also very sore from all the manipulating and pushing the doctors did to pull the baby out of the incision. You also had 2 operations which would make your pain worse. It is gonig to take time. After you will feel numbness in the area and then finally go away. The pain is probably more on the right because the baby was probably positioned more to the right and doctors had to push with their hands on the right to take him out and the pain just radiates to the back along with the uterus trying to get back to normal. Sometimes pain could even radiate to your shoulder. Some women have pain in their shoulder when the doctor is pushing on their abdomen during the C-section because the pain is so severe it radiates to the shoulder. I also don't think it is an infection because you would have a fever or other signs like redness and warmth, and oozing.

I agree here one thing though if your doctor wont see you for this again witch i think is weird cause he works for you remember this! You can see you family physician to check out the inscion for infection as well. He may be able to help or put your mind at ease. Maybe give some pain meds or help with pain therapy options.

Good luck!

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