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Anyone have a similar story?

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Posted by Phil on November 13, 2003 at 10:42:23:

This is kind-of halloween-ish, and therefore is a bit late, but my wife reminded me of this story last night.

When my son was 2 - maybe a month or two shy of 3, we were driving through an historic part of Virginia (old Town Fairfax). We were stuck at a light and stopped right in front of a B&B called The Bailiwick Inn. As we're waiting for the light, I heard my son say, "Hello. Hello." And then he says, "Daddy, he's not talking to me."

I looked back to him and saw nothing and I said, "Who's not talking to you?" He says, "The man" and he points out the window. There was noone there, so I ask, "Where is he?" He says, "right there, still pointing out the window." Nothing and noone is there. So my wife asks, "What is he wearing?" and he says, "A white and red shirt." Neither my wife nor I saw anyone. The street was deserted. We looked at each other, and I started feeling a little freaked out, but then, thankfully, the light changed and we moved on... a little faster than I normally would have.

Now, I admit, I believe in ghosts, and I do think that our kids are more in touch with spirituality than we adults are. But if I read this story (like you are,) and didn't experience this first hand, I'd just laugh it off. But this really happened. A few weeks later I asked a friend who works at the Bailiwick Inn if it was haunted, and he said that though he has never experienced anything, people have reported seeing a ghost - a man, with a white shirt.

Do any of you have any stories like this? Call me weird, but I'm fascinated by these kinds of things.

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