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Re: Spanking

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Posted by 123 on November 15, 2003 at 06:43:47:

In Reply to: Re: Spanking posted by Jean on November 14, 2003 at 20:32:55:

: Mark, also, please remember, when children are tired or feeling ill, they will test your every limit, even worce than usual..really try to decifer these times, it will make a difference, puninshing a child who is tired or ill, will not do us any good. Jean

: : In my honest opinion, it made us "mean", "tough", and taught us to use these things/ways to problem solve, and this has caused us nothing but "hard knocks" later in life. Sometimes a tight grasp of the arm, or sending to bed with no play or discussion until you go get them works. Not to say, a "swat" (on bottom) when "seriously" done wrong isn't ok, but actual "spanking"/anger/violence being mimicked/"taught" by a parent leads to serious problems in real life! I fight it every day, in many situations of real life, because it was common place in our home growing up. All chidren have "currency" (things they love!) like Dr. Phil says, take these things away for hours or a day, consistently, and you will get what you expect out of your kids. But if you're not consistent it WONT work. And be realistic what your expecting of your child, by age. Hope this gives you something to think about. Jean

: : : : What are your views? Honest answers please.

: : : I honestly don't believe in spanking but I did smack my oldest on the bottom 1 time because she ran into the street twice and almost got ran over by a car and would not listen. I think it helped because she never did it again. When my youngest was only 5 months old, my oldest would hit her in front of our faces until one day she injured her sister's head and I did smack her hand. Since that day that I smacked her hand, she never hurt her sister again and are very close.

: : : I have thought that in dangerous situations a smack might help, but time-outs in their rooms have seemed to help. I know it is supposed to be 1 minute per year but I let them scream until they get it out of their system and then I talk to them and praise them for calming down.

: : : I know every parent has a different way of disciplining as some doctors do too. Some doctors believe in time-outs, others say they don't work, others believe in spanking and others don't. I think the way a parent disciplines is just a matter of opinion.

You need 2 get of your high horse its not like we get leather belts out on our children.

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