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Re: Ginger

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Posted by Becka on November 20, 2003 at 09:12:03:

In Reply to: Re: Ginger posted by me on November 19, 2003 at 12:01:47:

: ok i have to say this... Why is it that when there is a disagreement from Robin on Ginger somewhere else besides here someone will come on and act like someone who was banned from here? Do you follow me on this? Example I let ginger on my board well robin is there as well and i warned ginger anyways robin started on ginger this was yesterday..The pink board was quiet till then all of a sudden yesterday it got this post from becka soooo cant anyone give it a rest and get over it ... both are banned from here i am sure we know that already so stop being a faker ... imposer whatever they call them

: : Have you not done enough damage to these girls already? That post below was rude and everyone knows you are the only one who doesn't want either of them here and starts stuff with them all the time. That post was uncalled for, another thing, if you can read from your message below -ROBIN- cannot post here for months now. Also everyone on here knows that. This is just another bad attempt of you trying to cuase trouble for both of these girls on any board you go to. Why not leave them alone. I may not agree with what some things are said on here. But I do not do what you continue to do to them every chance you get where ever you get. So do us all a fovor and just leave them be. We don't want your remarks like that here or anyplace else for that fact.
: : PS. We all know it was you. It is how you write BABE. You are one never ending story. I say let the story end already!

Why would you put such personal information from YOUR board on here. Sound like ginger on a pity trip. Have you not been reading HERE. I personally know Ginger she is just a few blocks away and I know her for years. Everything everyone says about her is true. She is a backstabbing liar and is a very spiteful person. Do not underestimate her. She can act really sweet when she wants something. I have gotten it from her myself. She won't stop when she get into it as well. No matter how long. She almost broke my marriage for HOW SHE FELT, this is how spiteful SHE IS. Dont let her fool you. As I personally think this post is Ginger anyway. I mean why would anyone put personal information on a another board about there board. It is tactless. Also not much of a friend to any of the people involved if you are.

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