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Posted by Tabitha on March 22, 2004 at 21:50:17:

In Reply to: Re: Also ......... posted by Tricia on November 30, 2003 at 01:32:10:

I was prescribed valium when i was 4 days pregnant i told my doctor of the possibility she took a urine pregnancy test it showed up negative but i asked her to take a blood test she said it wasnt necessary. Later that month i was litely bleeding a pinkesh tint. I went to the doctor they said i was pregnant. They took me off the valium. When i got my first ultrasound i found i my daughter had a gastroscesis. I prayed to god everyday that i could get through this. I went into labor when i was almost 7 months they were able to stop it because it was caused by to much fluid they just removed some. But when they took a ultasound that day they found bands from the amniotic sac healing on to her they figured it was caused by me almost miscarriaging in the first trimester. They also said the bands are what caused her gastroscesis. i then went into labor when i was 7 months and gave birth to my beatiful daughter that i love so much and are pained that a drug has taken her away from me. I think valium should never be prescribed to anyone expecialy someone who might be pregnant.

pained that a doctor i trusted could make suck a terrible mistake,

: : No problem. Regarding CP not being caused by a drug. Although CP could be hereditary, it is proven that CP can be caused by drugs especially Valium. Almost every person I knew and saw who took Valium while pregnant had a baby born with CP. There are some drugs that don't cross the placental barrier. Phenergan is proven to cross the placenta. Drugs that cross the placenta nterfere with the babies chromosomes, etc. The first 3 months is when all the chromosomes and geneitc makeup are being put together and just the slightest thing can cause 1 extra chromosome or 1 less chromosome and just 1 less or 1 more will cause neurological problems. An extra chromosome causes Down's syndrome, 1 less usually is cerebral palsy. Even aspirin can cause birth defects because it thins the blood, so if it ends up thinning the blood too much, it can cause hemorrhaging in the baby's brain, etc. Also, if it does not cause hemorrhaging in the brain, it could cause hemorrhage in the mother. This is why aspirin is always recommended for stroke prevention.

: : I think drugs should only be recommended if the baby or mother's life is in danger or both.

: Whoa....please watch your facts. Down syndrome is not caused by what a mother does or doesn't do in the first trimester. This is not heresay, but fact. I have a child with Down syndrome and believe me, have spent time with all the geneticists. Please don't scare people.

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