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Posted by MarybethW on December 27, 2002 at 18:38:10:

Hi Everyone,
Long time no hear from meÖ. Like many of you, I continue to lurk and wait for the conversation to return to the subject at handÖ. Parenting. Unfortunately, lately this message board has captured my morbid curiosity Ė like a car crash that I canít look away from.

Since someone was speculating that I was directly involved in the recent ďMerry Christmas TangleĒ, I just want to take a moment to state my current personal thoughts / position regarding this message board.

I have enjoyed chatting with many of you here, and would like to continue to share information, but beyond that I just prefer to know whom Iím really talking to. Iím not interested in playing cat and mouse, wasting time coping with the veil of anonymity and trying to figure out who is really who, getting into spitting matches regarding the sociology of the whole thing, etcÖ. And Iím especially not interested in getting caught up in any futile and negative exchanges.

I want to use my spare time productively and positively. My aim is to educate myself about the many issues Iím facing in my role as parent, and to become the best Mommy I can be. My priority is to raise my daughter to be, among other things, honest, caring, and productive. So, I will model that behavior as often as possible, even when sheís not looking (because, whether we are aware of it or not, our kids are ALWAYS looking, and can see on a deeper level than we would suspectÖ.). In order to do that, I needed to divest myself of any personal interest here, because otherwise it would be tempting to get sucked into the fray.

I will continue to lurk about, checking in every once in a while to see if can learn something new or if I can be helpful to another. When I have some information to share, I will respond directly to the individual if he/she posts an email address. If no email address is provided, and I feel itís very important to respond, I will do so on the message board, but I wonít engage in any personal chat here.

If you you would like, feel free to email me directly or post a message directed to me and I will email you. Iíve included my email address here, and Iíd welcome further conversation on the subject of parenting with most of you. Itís just that I prefer to know whom it is Iím talking with.

Thanks and best wishes for a happy & safe Gregorian New Year.

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