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Services for Adoptive Parents

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* Baby Place Articles and Advice
Articles written by mothers and other experts on raising children and the adventures of managing a family.

* Original Memory Quilts
100 Good Wishes Quilts for adoptive parents. Or baby quilts for any occasion.
* Fostering Solutions
Independent foster care agency based in the United Kingdom.
* Adoptive Parenting Resource
Site created by an adoptee and adoptive Mother. Includes resources for transracial, older child and international foster adoptions.
* Barker Foundation - Pregnancy Services, Domestic, Special Needs, and International Adoption Programs
Private, not-for-profit adoption agency offers adoption information, pregnancy counseling, US and International adoption services - Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, India, and Korea. Licensed in VA, MD, and Washington DC
* OpenAdoption.Com
Open adoption services for families and birth parents. Assistance with expenses and counseling.
* Spence-Chapin Services for Children & Families
Spence-Chapin's Adoption Resource Center offers information, support and post adoption services to everyone touched by adoption.
* Lifetime Adoption - Nationwide Services
Online registry of over 80 waiting families. Confidential free services for prospective birth parents available 7 days a week. Safe and ethical adoptions since 1986. Members of Better Business Bureau.
* The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)
Covering subjects from infertility to adoption to miscarriage and pregnancy after infertility. Featuring two dozen Infertility Specialists who volunteer their time to answer questions at no charge.
* AdoptShoppeBooks
Popular adoption books at mostly discounted prices.
* Adoption.com
A resource for parents wanting to adopt, birthmothers wanting to place children for adoption, and reunion of lost birth relatives.
* AdoptShoppe: Unique Adoption Gifts and Resources for Families
Unique and hard-to-find resources, books, and gifts that celebrate the international adoption experience.
* Adopting from Korea: A Prospective Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption
Information for prospective adoptive families on the international and Korean adoption process.
* Lets Talk Adoption
Informative adoption talk radio, serving the adoption community, which can be heard on the Internet.