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Umbilical Cord Blood

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* Cord Blood Registry
One of the most important decisions to make during your pregnancy. To save your baby's cord blood is a one-time choice that may offer many health benefits to your child in the future. Get a free consulation about having it taken and stored.
* Umbilical Cord Blood page
Newborn Blood Banking stores the whole blood; it is not spun down or washed to only stem cells. Because the cells are handled less, they are more viable. Almost all other cord blood banks reduce the cells to economize freezing space and keep equipment costs down.
* Alpha Cord - Umbilical Cord Blood Storage
Alpha Cord is the nation's first network of umbilical cord blood banks. You will receive objective advice about member labs. You will always pay less using our network compared to buying directly from a member lab.
* SecuraCell, Inc.
Providing umbilical cord blood collection and storage. Affordable cryogenic cord blood banking program.
* New England Cord Blood Bank
New England Cord Blood bank offers high-quality and affordable umbilical cord blood stem cell storage services.
* Viacord, Inc.
Viacord enables expectant parents to collect and store their newborn's umbilical cord blood for potential future use within their family in transplantation therapy for treating certain cancers such as leukemia as well as many genetic and immune disorders.

* Baby Care and Parenting Discussion Group
Make use of the combined wisdom of thousands of parents like yourself! Post your questions and answers and see what others have written.