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Services For Expectant and New Parents


* Adoption
Sites of interest for adoptive parents, and those considering adoption, as well as birthmothers. Includes gifts and adoption products.

* Birth Announcements
Birth announcements, baby naming resources, gifts for newborns, web pages for infants, and more.

* Pregnancy and Birth Services
Find a doctor, doula, postpartum care, insurance, health plans, information about childbirth and nursing, crisis pregnancies, and other essential information.

* Fitness for Mom and Baby
Fitness and exercise programs and information designed to enhance the health and happiness of mother and baby.

* Nannies and Tutors
Find a nanny, au pair, or tutor; get nanny surveilance. FAQs and other childcare resources available.

* Parenting Services
Services for the family, including family planning, home parenting, home-income, attachment parenting, educational services for children and infant massage.

* Health and Medical Services
Invaluable online and offline services.

* Umbilical Cord Blood
Discover the life-saving properties of umbilical cord blood, and how you can store your baby's umbilical cord blood in case of future need.

* Miscellaneous Parenting Services
Various sites for Mom, Dad, offering healthcare and investment resources, pregnancy and childbirth care, clothing, fitness and more.

* Stay at Home Moms
This page is designed to provide useful information and support for moms who want to be stay at home parents and earning an income. Also listed are successful businesses run by stay at home moms.

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