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Baby Place Music and Video Stores

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Videos for Children

* Amazon
Amazon carries a large selection of products and has a name you can trust. Check out the visitor reviews to help make a selection.
* Baby Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes, Infants Sleep Music CDs with Soothing White Noise
Relax crying or colicky babies to sleep with lullabies, nursery rhymes and sleeping music CDs with white noise and nature sounds.
* Wiggles N' Tunes
Children's music edutainment products, musical specialties and favors.
* Lovely Baby Music
Lovely Baby CDs are a revolution in baby edutainment. They stimulate & develop babies' brains and create a peaceful home environment.
* Advanced Brain Technologies
ABT's Music for Babies is a break-through for early child development; it's built note by note on the latest discoveries related to brain development in very young children.
* Baby Go To Sleep: How to Quiet a Crying Baby
Baby Go To Sleep tapes are guaranteed to soothe crying babies with colic, fussy newborns, and young children to age six.
* Palm Kids
Books, audio, video, music, musical instruments, toys and games for children and families.
* Makin' Music Rockin' Rhythms
Fun, educational music for families with young children. Music CD's and tapes, sample songs, toys and instruments.
* Baby Songs Videos
Live action musical videos for toddlers.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Care and Health

Try these bestselling videos.

* Baffled About Baby? A Quick and Easy Audio Guide to Baby Care
If you're a new parent or new to baby care, this informative 2-CD set gives you the answers you need. A group of mothers have compiled over 470 quick tips to smooth your transition.
* Waterbabies Aquatic Program
This site offers a home instructional video intended to give all the skills you need to introduce your new baby to the water safely and confidently. The techniques included are ideally used from birth to 4 months and can easily be transferred from the bath to the pool.
* Mother and Baby Music
Baby music and womb sounds CDs from bestselling composer Simon Cooper.
* Talking Child Videos for Babies and Children
Offers baby and toddler videos that teach speech and language concepts.
* Progressive Parent
The Perfect Pregnancy Workout video - a whole body pregnancy fitness program featuring a former Cirque du Soleil artist designed to help reduce the stress of labor and delivery.
* Hypnosis
Hypnosis CD's for safer, easier and more comfortable childbirth, to help with breastfeeding, reduce the nausea of morning sickness, help you quit smoking, free yourself from other addictions, lose weight and other goals.
* The Children's Group
The Children's Group is the premier company in North America presenting classical music for children, from before birth through age 12.
* The Gentle Revolution Press
Turning play into learning and learning into play.
* Majors for Minors
An innovative music product that provides Brain Food for Kids® The product is based on cutting edge scientific research demonstrating indisputably that certain classical music has a positive effect on the brain development of babies and children from six months in utero.
* Pure White Noise CDs to Calm Babies and Relieve Colic
White noise soothing sound masking CDs aids sleeping, colic relief for crying or fussy newborn babies. Helps parents relax, too.
* Honey, I'm Pregnant, Too! - A Pregnancy Guide For Men
This entertaining video features a unique pregnancy guide for husbands.
* VIEW Video: Parenting and Children
V.I.E.W. Video- special interest videos: parenting/childbirth/child care/infant massage.
* Baby Massage
Baby Massage instructional video, based on Vimala McClure's best-selling book.
* Abridge Club Entertainment
Gross-motor, educational and interactive music, picture books, games, informative and instructional DVDs and gift ideas.
* InJoy Videos
Over 100 videos on every area of childbirth and parenting.
* Pregnancy, prenatal stimulation, fetal intelligence
Pregnancy and early stimulation of babies. Prepare for pregnancy and childbirth while stimulating your baby before birth. -->

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