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Baby Care

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* Baby Care and Parenting Discussion Board
Make use of the combined wisdom of many other parents like yourself! Post your questions and answers and see what others have written.
* Baby Place Mall & Bookstore
For lots more about baby care, visit our Mall, and our bookstore. Check out our Baby Nutrition books, Books about Infants and Breastfeeding sections.
* Baby Place Articles and Advice
Articles written by mothers and other experts on raising children and the adventures of managing a family.
* Need a babysitter?
They have 150,000! Visit Sittercity.com today to find one near you. Check feedback from other mothers!
* Amazing Baby Sleep Secrets
The best-selling ebook that puts infants and toddlers to sleep like magic. You can receive this book immediately via email.
* How To Potty Train Your Child In Hours!
Successfully Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours With The H.E.A.R.T. Method: Full Instructions Here. You can receive this book immediately through your email.
* Sign Language For Babies And Beyond!
Learn How to Communicate With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Speak Using American Sign Language! Includes Video of 250 Signs! You can receive this book immediately through your email.
* Parenting Secrets By Mother Of Five
Raising Kids With Life Skills makes both parenting and growing up easier to do.
* Solving The Bullying Problem
An ebook that offers solutions to parents and victims of bullying.
* Natural Parenting UK
Information relating to all areas of parenting from birth to alternative education and more.
* Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network
A comprehensive parent, grandparent and family interactive community featuring expert advice, shared experiences, discussion, chat and interactive tools to help you raise your precious gift, your child. Our focus is pregnancy and birth through early school age.
* Colic Relief
A natural way to ease colic pain. A blended fabric band that goes around the baby's belly giving support, comfort and ease of pain. Pediatrician approved. Patented.
* All Baby 'N Kids
Baby, pregnancy, kids and mom resources and activities to help with the most important job you will ever have.
* PottieStickers Toilet-Training system that offers portability, structure and success.
PottieStickers are sets of colorful stickers and beautiful scenes used as a reward and motivation system to toilet train children.
* Baby Changing Stations.
Online selection of baby changing stations, baby changing tables and diaper changing stations in variety of sizes and designs.
* Baby Child Care
Online resource for tips, tools and advice for each stage child development.
* Child Care Lounge
Database of information and resources about children and childcare.
* Baby First Year
Free tips and information about your newborn baby including caring your baby in the important first year.
* ABC Nanny Source
Nanny agency making matches between families and nannies in Philadelphia or New Jersey.
* Teach Your Baby Sign Language - Kindersignscanada.com
Online sales of kits to teach babies sign language.
* Baby BottleBlankies
Fleece bottle covers that improve a baby's tactile experience when drinking, and they look nice too.
* Baby Fuss Buster
CD with sounds to calm a fussy baby.
* Daycare Center
Information on starting a daycare center plus information on daycare providers, starting a home daycare, in-home daycares, daycare grants, forms, supplies, software, and statistics.
* Baby Blog
Where mothers can read and share stories and tips on how to deal with the adventures of motherhood.
* Talking Child Speech Development Videos
Baby and toddler videos that teach speech and language concepts.
* Parenting Club
Online community and resource for parents and expecting moms.
* Alpha Omega IQ Test Center for Kids
IQ Tests for children ages 3-12 and for kids and teens 13-17.
* Baby Bedding Town
Over 3500 baby bedding sets & accessories from the world's best crib bedding designers, all at discount prices.
* Baby Talk - Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies
Give your child a head start with baby sign language and baby talk. Parent workshops and an online learning facility. Both will give you everything you need to get started with baby sign language.
* Sign2Me
Offering books, cds, videos and more on how to have 2-way communications with hearing infants and toddlers as young as 6-8 months old. Fun and easy to learn programs that teach American Sign Language.
* Baby Care Advice
Parents can discuss any baby or child care problem with a qualified and experience child health nurse and receive individual parenting advice.
* AguaInfant.com
Safety facts about drinking water for infants.
* Baby Sign Language University
Online lessons, research and resources to teach parents how to communicate with their pre-verbal baby through simple sign language.
* Cow and Gate
Advice and information on pregnancy, babies and toddlers, including a section for dads.
* Newborns in Need
A charity organized to take care of sick and needy babies and their families, and in cases of crisis, to help where help is needed.
* The Best Start Club
By using simple signs with your hearing baby derived from genuine sign language, your baby can communicate certain needs like hunger and thirst, before he/she is able to verbalise these needs.
* Infant Massage
Infant massage instruction in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a certified infant massage instructor.
* Signing Time
Research shows that babies can communicate with signs long before they are able to speak. Children have fun - and become smarter - learning a second language. Validating what their parents have long experienced first-hand, signing children have fewer tantrums, higher IQ scores, and larger vocabularies.
* Love Our Children USA
Parenting and child abuse information, education and resources.
* The Guide To Healthy Baby Food
A clear, comprehensive guide to infant feeding. Learn how to make your own healthy baby food. Includes 101 delicious baby recipes.
* drSpock.com
The Dr. Spock Company offers expert parenting and children's health advice and information.
* ibabydoc.com
Huge medical information base, ask the doctor, children's games, chat, message board, Dr.recommended products.
* Natural Child Project
Articles and advice by leading mental health professionals, on parenting and education that respects children.
* It's On - UK Parenting Web Guide
UK based parenting and families web guide.
* Baby Signs
Baby signing for parents and babies, 9-30 months.
* Barnaland
Information for Icelandic parents about parenting and how to take care of babies. Also information about pregnancy, health, birth and tips for parents.
* Baby Zone
Baby, pregnancy, baby names, and parenting.
* Kinderstart.com
Index - directory of information about parenting, pregnancy, child development, health, education, learning activities and the wide range of issues related to children seven years and under.
* Resources for Infant Educarers
An organization dedicated to educating parents and professionals in its unique and time tested philosophy and methods of infant care, or educaring, based on respect for the infant.
* PreciousLittleOne
The comprehensive guide to parenting, pregnancy, baby, health and childcare issues, as well as online shopping and great shopping guides.
* Parenthood.com
Parenting articles for raising children from conception to graduation. Plus a baby names tool, ovulation calculator, pregnancy due date calendar and online parenting videos & forums.
* Child Development Institute
Child development, parenting, child psychology, teenagers, health, safety and learning disabilities including Attention Deficit Disorder and dyslexia.
* All About Moms
An online community for moms created by moms. From conception to birth and beyond: offering parenting tips, resources and articles, as well as an ask the expert forum and message boards.
* The Good Sleep Guide - for you and your baby
Unique step-by-step guide. Free quiz online: 'Is your baby ready to sleep through the night?'. Parents - health professionals recommend book from birth - covers babies' night feeding/waking, crying.
* Keep Kids Healthy - pediatric parenting advice
A pediatrician's guide to your children's health and safety.
* Nappy Information Service
Balanced, accurate information on disposable diapers, to help parents make an informed choice between disposable and reusables.
* Signing With Your Baby
Teaching communication before your baby can talk - advice, photos, books, and helpful links get you started signing with your infant or toddler.
* BabiesDirect
Babiesdirect, your complete resource for pregnancy and babies.
* Young Explorers: The Web Site of Zero to Three
Zero to Three is a leading resource on the first three years of life. As a national non-profit charitable organization, their aim is to strengthen and support families, practitioners and communities to promote the healthy development of babies and toddlers.
* The Baby Corner
The Baby Corner - online magazine for expecting and new parents. Featuring weekly articles, expert Q&A, interactive tools and the Baby Boards. A supportive community a well as tools needed to guide parents through pregnancy and parenting.
* BabyGraf
An easy to use day-by-day nine week graph that allows new moms to keep up with their little darling's activities.
* BabyUniversity.com
Ever wish there was a Parenting 101 class? Drop by to study the latest pregnancy and parenting information, have a few laughs, and share parenting tips and strategies.
* Baby Go To Sleep - How to Quiet a Crying Baby
Baby Go To Sleep Tapes are guaranteed to soothe crying babies with colic, premature infants, fussy newborns, and children to age six.
* babynet.co.za
Pregnancy and birth discussion board.
* HavingAnotherBaby.com
To help parents prepare their children and themselves for a new baby.
* Russian Babies
Site in Russian created to develop baby's creativity.
* A Mom's Love
Supports all moms and delivers educational, fun, and insightful information.
* Twinstuff.com
An active bulletin board for twins and their parents; a twins-themed store, news stories and original essays, links and more.
* IndiaParenting.com
The definitive guide for Indian parents worldwide on pregnancy, mothers, babies, children, healthcare, baby names, stories, rhymes and much more.
* Turben Developmental Services
Turben Developmental Services Foundation is a not-for-profit organization providing child development and parenting education for adults and their young children, as well as prevention and intervention services and technical assistance.
* The Busy World of Infants and Toddlers
A site to help mothers raise and handle their infants and toddlers. Get advice or give some to someone in need.
* Parenting of Multiples
A resource for parents of multiples with original articles, a newsletter, a multiples community and 100+ links and growing.
* Suite101.com: Infants and Toddlers
Information and links.
* Smart Start
A comprehensive public-private initiative to help all North Carolina children enter school healthy and ready to succeed.
* Real Mom Club
Satirical forum for mothers to cope with kids through hilarious stories, cartoons, animation, Top ten detailing parenting adventures.
* The Compleat Mother Magazine
Articles and humor covering a wide range of aspects related to breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth.
* Babyworld
Help for parents of all ages, and you can also add a birth story, add your baby to a kids gallery, or discuss general baby categories with other parents in the discussion forum.
* Teaching Toddlers
A group for those working in early childhood education with children under the age of 3. The purpose is to share activity ideas, and up to date early childhood education information.
* Family Health Information
Information and tips on family health concerns.
* Postpartum Education for Parents
Offers support and educational programs for new parents.
* baby care babies pregnancy birth parenting infants The Labor of Love
Dozens of pregnancy and parenting message boards, pregnancy and birth resources, a search engine for baby and parenting sites and more.
* baby care babies pregnancy birth parenting infants Mom's Life
Information on pregnancy, delivery, baby care; "Ask the midwife" and "Ask a Nurse" sections; chats and message boards too.
* baby care babies pregnancy birth parenting infants The F.U.N. Place Parenting Guild
Parenting information for babies and children of all ages brought to you by Families United on the Net (F.U.N.).

Baby Place Parenting-related Pages:

* Parenting FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions about parenting and babies.
* Baby Care and Development
Useful information that will help you take care of your baby.
* Breastfeeding
The how's, why's, and benefits of breastfeeding your baby.
* Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
SIDS prevention, research, and support groups.
* Alternative Schooling
Non-traditional schools and schooling methods.
* Children with Special Needs
Schools, camps, and other information for parents of children with disabilities.
* Toys and Toy Stores Online
Find virtually any toy you could want to educate or entertain your baby.
* Educational Computer Games for Young Children
Educate your child while acclimating him or her to computer use.
* Magazines for Parents
Magazines for Mom, for Dad, about family fun and parenting.
* The Baby Place Mall
Anything and everything you could want for yourself and your child.
* Free Stuff for Parents
Free products, services and web sites, with a focus on the needs of new and expectant parents. Free coupons and specials, trial offers and more.