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Child Safety


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We would like to draw your attention to something very inspiring, and most definitely heartbreaking. A very special family is turning their loss into a lesson for the rest of us.

Watch this video: The Importance of a 5-Point Harness Carseat

If you choose NOT to watch the video, the lesson to be learned is to purchase one of the car seats listed below.
If your child is still small, you can purchase the Britax Carseat that accommodates up to 40, or even 65 pounds. If your child is older/heavier, you may opt to go straight for the Regent that was recommended in the video (up to 80 pounds!). Check out the options here: CarSeatsPlace.com.

Note that the Kyle David Miller Foundation also recommends the Radian 65 (up to 65 pounds) or Radian 80 (up to 80 pounds) for proper car safety for your children.

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