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Safety Stores and Products

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We would like to draw your attention to something very inspiring, and most definitely heartbreaking. A very special family is turning their loss into a lesson for the rest of us.

Watch this video: The Importance of a 5-Point Harness Carseat

If you choose NOT to watch the video, the lesson to be learned is to purchase one of the car seats listed below.

If your child is still small, you can purchase the Britax Carseat that accommodates up to 40, or even 65 pounds. If your child is older/heavier, you may opt to go straight for the Regent that was recommended in the video (up to 80 pounds!).. Check out the options here: CarSeatsPlace.com.

Note that the Kyle David Miller Foundation also recommends the Radian 65 (up to 65 pounds) or Radian 80 (up to 80 pounds) for proper car safety for your children.

* The National Safe Kids Campaign
The National Safe Kids Campaign's mission is to prevent the number one killer of children - unintentional injury. By working at a national level through grassroots Coalitions they educate adults and children, provide safety devices to families in need, and pass and strengthen laws to empower families and communities to protect children ages 14 and under.
* Inventive Parent
Great products invented by real moms & dads for your family. Free shipping. Gifts. Preemies to big kids, safety to sleeping, travel to feeding & more. Car seat laws, inventors' info, photos...
* Best Sliding Door Locks - Child Proof patio door locks
Seller of solid, metal to metal, double bolt patio door locks for childproofing patio doors as well as preventing break-ins.
* The Keep Safe Company
Selection of baby safety gates for indoor and outdoor use.
* Safety Identification - Instruction Cards
Providing child safety identification cards, Spanish child ID cards and much more.
* Guardian Angel Window Guard
Prevent children from falling out of open windows. Available for most window types including double-hung, casement, and sliding windows.
* Baby Safety Products by SafeTSleep
Unique baby safety products that support positive parenting practices and helps to prevent injuries and deaths occurring in and around babies' sleep times.
* Milestone Safety Products
Offers child guard monitors, baby home safety kits, and child safe alarms.
* EDE Spy Outlet Surveillance Equipment
Wholesaler and retailer of surveillance equipment and security devices.
* Safety Care - Your Home Safety Specialists
Online catalog with child safety products, baby gates, locks, latches, outlet covers and much more...
* Child Safety ID Products & Tips from YourSafeChild.com
Essential, easy-to-use, and affordable child identification products for parents, schools, organizations, and businesses. Also includes important safety tips and information.
* Protect Enfant Inc.
Protect Enfant offers services of childproofing consultations, sales (by catalog, website or via store) and installation of child safety items. Also, CPR and first aid courses for parents, grandparents and childcare givers.
* Kidsafe ID
Kidsafe ID is the premire child identification website the collects and delivers a state-of-the-art digitally produced "kid friendly" id cards that a parent or care givers carries in case of an emergency.
* lifehammer.com
Created to break window and cut seatbelts when you are entrapped in a car, the Life Hammer can save the life of your children.
* McGruff Safe Kids
McGruff Safe Kids Internet Safety Desktop Wallpaper: The McGruff® Safe Kids Wallpaper, and more.
* Safety 1st
A comprehensive line of child care products to help make your job a little easier.
* First Alert
In the business of saving lives and helping families protect what they value most.
* BabyProofing Plus
Making your world a safer place.
* DEX Baby Comfort and Safety Products
Baby comfort and safety products for infants, toddlers and children, offering a wide range of baby comfort and safety products.
* babysheets.com
StayPut Safety Crib Sheets lets you sleep soundly while your baby sleeps safely. Pillowcase design with a flap at one end that velcros underneath the mattress. Protects your child from the dangers of a fitted sheet coming off the mattress.
* Perfectly Safe- Child Safety for Home, Car, Kitchen, and Bathroom
The Perfectly Safe catalog contains the necessary safety and convenience products you may need as your child does some "exploring."
* Child Safety Harness
Keep your child close at hand with a child safety harness. Made of high quality nylon and strong durable buckles.
* Safety Superstore
Online catalogue of babyproofing products and shipping all over the world. Download or request their free Baby Proofing Checklist.
* Vigilance and Security.... at home and at work
Online selection of cctv surveillance systems such as wireless nanny cams, video baby monitors, security dvrs, video doorbell intercoms and more.

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