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Birth Announcements Invitations and Other Stationery


Birth Announcement Trends

At Tiny Prints, we have the advantage and pleasure or working with the top stationery designers across the country. We hate ordinary things and know our customers feel the same way. We are proud to offer our customers designs from artists who share our appreciation for paper that is simple, modern and unique. Please see below for birth announcement and baby stationery trends. Be the first to send the latest and hottest designs.

Color, Color and More Color Even though ink, blue and white still rule when it comes to baby stationery, more and more parents are using vibrant colors like apple green, tangerine orange and yellow either as the primary color or a nice accent. Chocolate brown is also hot- a true sign of something contemporary. For those who still choose pink or blue, a popular way to do something fresh and new is to use two different shades of that color. See below for trendy color combinations:

For Girls: Pink and Chocolate Brown Pink and Apple Green Pink and Bright Green Tangerine Orange and Magenta Pink and Pale Yellow Lavender and Pale Yellow

For Boys: Baby Blue and Apple Green Baby Blue and Pale Yellow Navy Blue and Hunter Green Navy Blue and Red Baby Blue and Lime Green

Traditional Patterns with a Twist

The hottest designs right now feature traditional patterns with a twist. Gingham, toile, plaid, and dots are still very popular, but artists are finding ways to recreate this look by mixing two different patterns on one card, adding an unexpected splash of color to the design, or featuring the design on an embellishment (e.g., ribbons or die-cuts), rather than the paper itself. The result is a perfect mix of the old and new.

Adding Dimension with Ribbons and Die-Cuts

Parents with a flair for style are opting to use quality hand-tied ribbons as a way to add a special touch to the birth announcement and make it stand out from the ordinary. Beautiful Midori satin ribbons or textured grosgrain ribbons are favorites. They are typically tied above or below the announcement. Another hot trend among stationery designers is the use of whimsical die-cuts in the shape of butterflies, balloons, flowers, ducks and more.

Wording - Less is More

More and more parents are choosing to use very simple, classic language to convey the birth of their child. Fluffy, cutesy language is being passed up for a short, direct message (e.g., "we welcome with love" or "we joyfully announce) that has a more understated, classy feel. Despite a shorter message, it is still very popular to include the names of your baby's siblings or any pets in the family. This is still a very popular practice!

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